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Eddy Merckx - 1969

At last! Thirty years after Sylveer Maes' most recent Tour victory, another Belgian won the Tour de France. His name: Eddy Merckx. The Brussels native crushed the opposition, dominating on all fronts. Merckx won the Tour de France five times in all, as well as claiming an almost countless list of other triumphs, but this first Tour victory remains very special for Merckx to this day: "For me, the 1969 Tour was and still is the finest victory of my career". Merckx donated this item as a birthday gift to the cycling patron Noël Demeulenaere. The sewn-on labels (Faema, Virlux) are no longer the originals - even the Cannibal's relics were unable to weather the test of time.


Eddy Merckx (°1945, Belgium)

number of Tour participations: 7
number of stage wins in the Tour de France: 34
number of days in a yellow jersey: 97